perkeep/perkeep by an author (GitHub)
Perkeep (nรฉe Camlistore) is your personal storage system for life: a way of storing, syncing, sharing, modelling and backing up content. - perkeep/perkeep
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<picture>: The Picture element (MDN Web Docs)
The HTML picture element serves as a container for zero or more source elements and one img element to provide versions of an image for different display device scenarios.
"The HTML <picture> element serves as a container for zero or more <source> elements and one <img> element to provide versions of an image for different display device scenarios."
A Complete Guide to SVG Fallbacks | CSS-Tricks by Amelia Bellamy-Royds (CSS-Tricks)
The following is a guest post by Amelia Bellamy-Royds and me. Amelia and I recently presented at the same conference together. We both covered SVG, yet
"Image fallback. This is what most people think of as an SVG fallback: a PNG or GIF image that represents the same graphic, just with a larger file size and poorer resolution."
Meet Yuzu Kosho, the Secret Weapon Condiment Chefs Are Putting On Everything (Bon Appetit)
Chefs confess their undying love (and ways to use) the acidic and spicy all-purpose condiment, yuzu kosho.
"Yuzu kosho is a pasty Japanese condiment made from fresh chiles (most often green or red Thai or bird’s eye chiles) then fermented with salt along with zest and juice from yuzu, a tart and fragrant citrus fruit that grows in East Asia. "
kraftbj/beer-slurper (GitHub)
beer-slurper - Slurp data from Untappd into your site!
"This plugin will slurp in all of your old checkins from Untappd (in small batches to keep their API folks happy). It’ll also check hourly for any new checkins. New checkins will either add a new "Beer" post or update an existing one, if you’ve already had that beer."
WordPress GitHub Sync by James DiGioia, Ben Balter (
Description A WordPress plugin to sync content with a GitHub repository (or Jekyll site) Ever wish you could collaboratively author content for your WordPress site (or expose change history publicly and accept pull requests from your readers)? Looking to tinker with Jekyll, but wish you could use W...
How to Import Your GoodReads List Into WordPress, for free by an authoran author (
Here are the steps I took in order to get all of my GoodReads books/reviews over into my IndieWeb-ified WordPress: Export from GoodReads > csv file My Books > Import/Export > Export Library Clean up CSV file โ€“ spreadsheet is good, be sure to save it back as text/csv (not xls or odt) remove un-need...
Home (Seattle WordPress Community)
Welcome to the Seattle WordPress Community. A place for designers, developers, & do-it-yourself publishers throughout the Puget Sound region. Our community includes Meetups all the way from Bellingham to Olympia including Puyallup, Gig Harbor and of course throughout the greater Seattle area and Eas...
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CSS Grid Responsive Layout | Responsive Web Design (Responsive Web Design)
A three line approach to creating a responsive grid system. .container { display: grid; /* Display as a Grid */ grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit,

.container {
display: grid;
/* Display as a Grid */
grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, minmax(200px, 1fr));
/* repeat = as many times as you can fit */
/* auto-fit = fit as many items on the line as possible, go bigger if you need to */
/*minmax = (min size, max size) = the minimum size the column should be is 200px, but if there's space then give them all 1fr of that width. */
grid-gap: 10px;