Alien Autopsy Memories for Pen Addict Episode 600

My Jonathon Brook’s Alien Autopsy, a double ender pen with grinds by Mark Bacas.

One end has an Architect paired with Luminous ink, and the other a Cursive Italic paired with Matador Red ink.
Alien Autopsy Atop Mator Red and Luminous Ink Bottles

This pen marked going to the pen show to see my friends.

Delia’s Check Sausage Stand

Make Do Pod recording

All the Great Pen Addicts

A Shareable macOS Remote Control Shortcut

A shareable macOS remote control shortcut! It is still pretty rough.

Requires 2 shortcuts. One parses the JSON at JSON Page shortcuts-simple-remote-commands to generate commands. The other provides selection menus and then runs the selected command on the selected host.


  • use a github repo to host json.
  • Display name for selection rather than command.
  • Restore option to run a shortcut for more complex commands
  • Examination of JSON Fetching Shortcut

Install both shortcuts:

  1. Fetch JSON File (can be replaced with a shortcut that returns a List of Dictionaries (see JSON).
    Fetch v1

  2. Select host and command, then run command on host via SSH.
    macOS Remote Automation v1


  1. Open macOS Remote Automation v1 and modify LIST to have your hostnames and the DICTIONARY to have your username.
  2. Find SHORTCUTS Run and select Fetch v1

See Remote control your Mac with your iPhone and SSH Key Shortcuts to set up your Mac for remote access.

#NovBaD #NaBloPoMo #challenge4of30 #challenge #automation #shortcuts #iOS #macOS #SSH

What Can I Do With my Mac Over SSH?

Things to do after Remote control your Mac with your iPhone and SSH Key Shortcuts is set up.

  • open a livestream in VLC via command line
    open -a ""
    open -a "Quicktime Player" may also work (only if stream is currently live)
    useful livestream URLs

  • mute macOS volume via command line
    osascript -e 'set volume output muted true'
    osascript -e 'set volume output muted false'
  • start an iTunes playlist with shuffle on
    osascript -e 'tell application "iTunes" to shuffle enabled' -e 'tell application "iTunes" to play playlist named "best"'
    osascript -e 'tell application "iTunes" to stop'

    Future ideas

  • start/stop Quicktime screen recordings on macOS via iOS shortcuts. Running into saving problems. Also complex enough that AppleScript files will be downloaded to Mac.
  • clipboard via SSH. Sometimes Handoff clipboard fails me, would be nice to have a backup. Should be able to go either way
  • If there is interest, I might try to package these up more as a sharable shortcut

#NovBaD #NaBloPoMo #challenge3of30 #challenge #automation #shortcuts #iOS #macOS #SSH #AppleScript #Podcasts

Remote control your Mac with your iPhone and SSH Key Shortcuts

macOS Preperation – Enable Remote Login on target Mac

  1. Open System PreferencesMacOS System Preferences Icon
  2. Find Sharing (or search for “remote”)
    MacOS System Preferences with
 remote searched for
  3. Turn on Remote Login. Enable “All Users” or add just one.
    Remote Login Selected on MacOS Sharing System Preferences
  4. Note the machine name (dougbeal-mb1.local), you will need it for the shortcut. You can also edit the name here.
    Circled Network Name

Create ssh shortcut on iOS

  1. Launch Shortcuts application. Search for shortcuts Application
  2. Create a new shortcut. Create Shortcut
  3. Add Action to shortcut. Add Action
  4. Search for ssh and select Run Script Over SSH. Search for ssh and find Run Script Over SSH
  5. Tap Show More. Run Script Over SSH select Show More
  6. In the Authentication section, select SSH Key. Shortcuts will automatically generate a key for you. Run Script Over SSH select Authentication, SSH Key
  7. Tap Script and swipe above keyboard and tap Shortcut Input. Change Run Script Over SSH script entry to Shortcut Input
  8. Tap on SSH Key and tap on Share Public Key. Get the public key to your mac (AirDrop, Handoff Clipboard, Apple Notes will all work). SSH Key Dialog with Share Public Key Highlighted
  9. Install public key on Mac

    Assumes public key is on the clipboard.

    1. make sure .ssh directory exists
    2. mkdir -p ~/.ssh

    3. append public key to authorized_keys file
    4. pbpaste >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

    Create a shortcut to put Mac Display to sleep

    1. Create a new shortcut
    2. add action TEXT with:
      pmset displaysleepnow

    3. add action Run Shortcut, choose shortcut from previous section

    Now when you run the shortcut, your display will go to sleep.

    #NovBaD #NaBloPoMo #challenge2of30 #challenge #automation #shortcuts #iOS #macOS #SSH

april glaser on Twitter: “SCOOP: Kickstarter has fired two union organizers in the past 8 days. In July, another member of the union drive quit, citing a hostile work environment for union organizers” / Twitter

Way to jam the whole leg in, Kickstarter. What reprehensible behavior.

Microformats for Podcasts – IWC Online 2019

not in itunes hosts podcasts
h-card for each author
u-url show link back to Known site for interactivity

The podcast is an hcard

* An Indieweb Podcast displays listens

* Microformats Validator?
* Podcast Validator once suggest spec is decided.
* client side tool like

HWC Seattle October 17 meeting notes


  • runs a separate command to generate feed and resizes image, 1/3 of the way


  • βœ…event posts look bad – extra closing div! thanks
  • Enabled Event type (only on settings page so far)
  • next Seattle HWC 2018-11-28


Github Actions
Google Cloud Build (used to be container builder) –

  • Dockerfile or custom workflow
  • cpu-seconds (2 hrs a month free)
  • 10gb cloud storage free

Perkeep –
cloud service importers
splits jpg into data and metadata, since meta is more likely to be updated

Wassup – Homebrew Website Club – Seattle Area – September 19th


  • going to Strange Loop, any indiewebers?
  • Next month inktober/octobit [pixel art]
    • Was manually PESOS’ing to many places
    • Summary post and end of month
    • Experiment with Note kind posts this year for original with pixel art on website
    • #29 Sleep (2016)
  • Command line tool to add note posts to static site.
  • how/why of it(link to post about generation)
  • gh-pages, dat


  • static site generator
  • git -> webhook -> diff of changes to send it out
  • scrapped aws.lambda, now nodejs in docker
  • up and running and powered by telegram (texting app)
  • micropub endpoint (bare bones, supports Quill)
  • text posts through Quill working
  • * working on Photo posts (instagram style)
  • * was hoping for working by Sounders game tonight
  • markdown
  • runs using memfs, isomorphic git


      • next Seattle HWC reserved 2018-10-17
      • – network monitoring indieweb style
      • fed.brigy – not working yet
      • non representivie h-card


      • running everyone from machine in home
      • static site generator, loop in bash endpoint discovery

WordPress 4.9.7

name status update version
antispam-bee active none 2.8.1
atom-default-feed active none 1.1
auto-post-thumbnail active none 3.4.1
bridgy-publish active none 1.4.2
crayon-syntax-highlighter inactive none 2.8.4
debug-bar inactive none 0.9
debug-bar-actions-and-filters-addon inactive none 1.5.4
debug-bar-console inactive none 0.3
debug-this inactive none 0.6.1
gutenberg inactive available 3.2.0
hum active none 1.2.2
indieauth active none 3.1.2
indieweb active none 3.3.8
indieweb-press-this active none 1.0.4
jsonfeed inactive none 1.1.2
kint-debugger inactive none 1.2
list-custom-taxonomy-widget active none 4.1
micropub active none 1.4.3
opengraph active none 1.8.1
indieweb-post-kinds active none 3.0.9
post-meta-inspector active none 1.1.1
press-this active none 1.1.1
pushpress inactive none 0.1.9
query-monitor active none 3.1.0
wp-rest-api-log inactive none 1.6.5
semantic-linkbacks active none 3.8.1
shortcode-reference active none 1.0.0
simple-location active none 3.3.8
syndication-links active none 3.4.1
webmention active none 3.8.2
pubsubhubbub active none 3.0.0
wiki-embed active none 1.4.9

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