GarageBand is missing shortcut for Delete and Move.

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts
Press + button, select
type Delete and Move, and assign it a key
I stole CMD-D from New Track with Duplicate Settings

HWC Seattle February


  • looking into again
  • getting weird spam googlebot hits to /s?
  • TIL wordpress generates robot.txt by default
    17:55 I’m getting wierd google bot crawl results to ?s
    or /search/…/rss. They are series of
    characters. They don’t actualy show up in my
    search console. Is this some sort of attempt to
    game google?
    17:55 *** Loqi MODE +v dougbeal
    17:56 I’m thinking of keeping the bot away with

  • More often HWCs?


  • used below RE:DOM

    Tiny (2 KB) turboboosted JavaScript library for creating user interfaces

  • Working on a secret project similar to
  • firebase make it really easy to serve up single page webapp
  • future: render index.html so it loads faster/works w/o JS
  • rss generation down to 2 commands
  • scuttlebut mobile app, manyverse android version,
  • prototyped scuttlebut to website
  • posted a lot on a airplane, manyverse doesn’t care about connectivity
  • First posted to scuttlebutt via Manyverse:

    Manually syndicated to my website (with help from the Scuttlebutt API).