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IndieWebCamp Online 2019 is a gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

a post by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry

well gonna call it quits and demo my updates on webmention badges….I have littered the web with my failed attempts to simply have an html form publish a guestbook on my wesbite. form building should be “hello world” but I not ready. Got closeish: trying mysqlite: n…

I have my failed form at It will write out markdown which will be rendered by hugo. It is also rendered by hugo. WIP:
GarageBand is missing shortcut for Delete and Move.

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts
Press + button, select
type Delete and Move, and assign it a key
I stole CMD-D from New Track with Duplicate Settings

What the Web Doesn’t Know . . . About Itself. (

Once Upon A Time, Before Internet Explorer, and even Before Netscape, back when the “dot com” was first being invented, the gnomes that invented the internet thought it would be a good idea to have a set of domains that corresponded to geographical locations, in addition to the three-letterโ€ฆ

.us locality registrars
Homebrew Website Club – Seattle – February 20 by Douglas BealDouglas Beal (dougbeal)
HWC Seattle February


  • looking into again
  • getting weird spam googlebot hits to /s?
  • TIL wordpress generates robot.txt by default
    17:55 I’m getting wierd google bot crawl results to ?s
    or /search/…/rss. They are series of
    characters. They don’t actualy show up in my
    search console. Is this some sort of attempt to
    game google?
    17:55 *** Loqi MODE +v dougbeal
    17:56 I’m thinking of keeping the bot away with

  • More often HWCs?


  • used below RE:DOM

    Tiny (2 KB) turboboosted JavaScript library for creating user interfaces

  • Working on a secret project similar to
  • firebase make it really easy to serve up single page webapp
  • future: render index.html so it loads faster/works w/o JS
  • rss generation down to 2 commands
  • scuttlebut mobile app, manyverse android version,
  • prototyped scuttlebut to website
  • posted a lot on a airplane, manyverse doesn’t care about connectivity
  • First posted to scuttlebutt via Manyverse:

    Manually syndicated to my website (with help from the Scuttlebutt API).