Coffee by Michael BeckwithMichael Beckwith

As you will see, I drink a lot of coffee 🙂
Checked in on 2019.10.12 when at Dunn Bros
Checked in on 2019.10.12 when at Coffea Dawley Farms
Checked in on 2019.10.11 when at Dunn Bros
Checked in on 2019.10.10 when at Dunn Bros
Checked in on 2019.10.10 when at Coffea Louise
Checked in on 2019.10.09 …

a post by Jamie TannaJamie Tanna

It’s been an awesome day at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam! The afternoon was chatting about licenses and ownership, then looking at how to migrate folks from silos to IndieWeb with a long term strategy, then some discussions about events, RSVPs and calendars, and finally all things syndication. Got some gr…

Bridgy stats update by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett
It’s that time of year again! No, not awards season…Bridgy stats time!
Looking at the graphs, the elephant in the room is clearly the Facebook shutdown. It was Bridgy’s second largest silo, numbering 1477 users when we wer…


State of the Indieweb in WordPress by David ShanskeDavid Shanske

Every year, at the Indieweb Summit, we have the State of the Indieweb(it’s the year of the Reader, by the way). The head of the WordPress project gives his State of the Word. I even watched the Governor of my State give his State of the state.
As I go through my 2018 Year in Review, I wanted to co…