pfefferle/wordpress-webmention (GitHub)

wordpress-webmention – A Webmention plugin for WordPress

Right now its extremely difficult to debug outgoing webmentions, and incomming webmentions are hard. A admin dashboard widget that displayed a log of webmentions would simplify debugging greatly. It should capture incomming and outgoing webmentions (and looking to the future salmentions, vouches).
kraftbj/beer-slurper (GitHub)

beer-slurper – Slurp data from Untappd into your site!

"This plugin will slurp in all of your old checkins from Untappd (in small batches to keep their API folks happy). It’ll also check hourly for any new checkins. New checkins will either add a new "Beer" post or update an existing one, if you’ve already had that beer."
a post by Jonathan LaCourJonathan LaCour (cleverdevil)

If you’re using my service to generate an “On This Day” page for your site, it’s now an order of magnitude faster thanks to optimization. To see the benefits, you’ll just need to have posted recently! –

Looking forward to trying it!
WordPress GitHub Sync by James DiGioia, Ben Balter (

A WordPress plugin to sync content with a GitHub repository (or Jekyll site)

Ever wish you could collaboratively author content for your WordPress site (or expose change history publicly and accept pull requests from your readers)?
Looking to tinker with Jekyll, but wish you could use W…