WordPress GitHub Sync by James DiGioia, Ben Balter (WordPress.org)

A WordPress plugin to sync content with a GitHub repository (or Jekyll site)

Ever wish you could collaboratively author content for your WordPress site (or expose change history publicly and accept pull requests from your readers)?
Looking to tinker with Jekyll, but wish you could use W…

gh-pages hosted static site generator using travis

# jekyl 

# 😁

* native github support (with restricted plugins)

# ☹️

* slow

# hgo

# 😁

* fast

# ☹️

* not native

# links

* theme: https://ringdown.ascraeus.org/dgold/reproach

* micropub: https://github.com/dg01d/nanopub https://indieweb.org/nanopub

* switch to hugo: https://prettygoodhat.com/post/2018-01-14-retuning-indieweb/

* https://www.metachris.com/2017/04/continuous-deployment-hugo—travis-ci–github-pages/