I kinda want a Touch Bar now.

Scott Franklin 5 days ago Okay, so if this was a knock off of our F-C Penvelope Thirteen, it would be pretty blatant. But it’s not – it’s our actual original Penvelope 13 case. The manufacturer is the original one we contracted to make this design. Right down to the interior fabric chosen. The odd number of 13 slots – the signature bevels on the flap. The only thing changed is they cheapened the leather choice. Does anyone care about design integrity at all anymore? One note Susan is those aren’t really flexible slots- it’s just thinner material. You likely have an older PV6 case of ours as our current slots are larger than this original design of ours. We had a brief period with the newer manfucturer where they made the slots thinner. Glad you still like it though, and would be happy to trade you out for a newer one.

Source: Wancher Penfolium 13 Pen Portfolio: A Review — The Pen Addict