Spano – a minimum-viable Micropub Media Endpoint by Marty McGuireMarty McGuire

Micropub is an open API standard to create posts on one’s own domain using third-party clients  and currently a W3C Candidate Recommendation. One of the (semi-) recent additions is the idea of a Micropub Media Endpoint. The Media Endpoint provides a way for Micropub clients to upload media files…

#python #content-addressable

I won’t be able to make, but will be playing along from home. @SteveStreza @TimSwast @altsalt @funwhilelost @rrrrrrrix @codynhat @phedhex @dangerdave
indieweb/indiewebify-me – on representative h-card error, list out found rel-me’s · Issue #74 · indieweb/indiewebify-me (GitHub)

Representative h-card error can be confusing, and it would help if we layed out the rel-me data on an erroron representative h-card error, list out found rel-me’s. Maybe u-url rel-me rel-me rel-me …

I think this is fixed now that all the rel-me’s are displayed? It does look like I was going to put in a suggestion and never completed it.