Thoughts About Assertion Workflows by David ShanskeDavid Shanske

This is a preliminary technical workflow proposal for assertions, which would be needed for badges, endorsements, and other ideas. It is based on thoughts that I had listening to the badges session at Indiewebcamp NYC 2018.
Scenario 1: Individual creates criteria and wants to assert that other indiv…

Throwing out some thoughts to see what sticks

Issuer posts criteria
Recipient posts proof and webmentions criteria
Issuer validates and posts award and webmentions Recipient

Private/ephemeral/shared secret?/client specific? information in webmention?

geofence = GPS+Bounding

2 stage assert workflow for IndieMon

Monster Creator posts geofence (venue) [criteria] [Monster deployment post?]
Claimant posts check-in [proof] and webmentions geofence (venue)
Monstor Creator validates check-in, webmentions Claiment, includes list of Monsters [award, shared secret]

Claimant posts Monster [award, shared secret, proof] to (venue)
Monstor Creator validates Monstercheck-in, webmentions Claiment, includes list of Monsters [award, shared secret]

IndieMon webring? check-in to each site

Venue clearing house (proxy-to-silo? swarm?)

assertion brainstorming
basic HTML req, GET, PUT, POST -> some measurable action