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If our various Xcoders and CocoaHeads and NSCoder Night groups leave Meetup, what should we do about discoverability?

We have websites and Twitter accounts and so on, but lots of people just search Meetup for local groups.

I’m just launching a new site for Homebrew Website Club – Seattle. https://hwc.dougbeal.com. Its static (hugo) and will have an iCalendar feed (as well as microformats2 and json and webmentions). I’m planing on making some Github Actions so it could be hosted out of Github Pages with Github as the post/event interface.
Homebrew Website Club – Seattle – September 18 by Douglas BealDouglas Beal (dougbeal)
HWC Seattle Group Photo

Doug https://dougbeal.com

  • getting Microsub working

Steve https://stevestreza.com

  • Gastby, homebrew react site generator
  • Adding custom post type (rsvp, checkins, etc)

Albert hwang Albert-hwang.com

squarespace https://www.albert-hwang.com
in progresss Albert.github.io

  • On squarespace
  • GitHub-io page, html/css/js

Mime https://nite-lite.net/mime/about

  • Separating blog posts from other post types
  • Received web mention invite

Ben benjaminturner.me

  • micropub/webmention in Django
  • mostly working, but not deployed
  • back filling social medial posts in Micropub app
  • curl’d rsvp for summit
51: Someday/Maybe (or Maybe Not) Domain Names

Jean and James continue to ferret out overlooked inboxes and lists as part of our efforts to make sure that obligations and projects are correctly categorized. This week we look at a common spot where Someday/Maybe dreams hang out: the domain names that we own. We look at a few of the domains for wh…

https://indieping.me and https://beal.dev. indieping will be an indieweb enabled site monitoring tool, and beal.dev will be a resume/portfolio, I think. I have https://crow.moe and https://crw.moe, both of which I use for link shortening for https://dougbeal.com.