HWC Seattle October 17 meeting notes

Tim http://timswast.com

  • runs a separate command to generate micro.blog feed and resizes image, 1/3 of the way

Doug https://dougbeal.com

  • βœ…event posts look bad https://dougbeal.com/2018/10/17/event-posts-gone-bad/ – extra closing div! thanks
  • Enabled Event type (only on settings page so far)
  • next Seattle HWC 2018-11-28


Github Actions
Google Cloud Build (used to be container builder) –

  • Dockerfile or custom workflow
  • cpu-seconds (2 hrs a month free)
  • 10gb cloud storage free

Perkeep – https://indieweb.org/Perkeep
cloud service importers
splits jpg into data and metadata, since meta is more likely to be updated

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