What I want to accomplish or kick off in November

  1. #100DaysOfDraw #WeDrawWednesdays
    2019-11-06 to 2021-09-29
    Post Drawing no later than each Wednesday for the next 100 Wednesdays. Inspired by @MakeDoPod, Make Do on Relay FM
  2. November Blog-A-Day (#NovBaD #NaBloPoMo)
    Make blog post for each day of november. Inspired by NaNoWriMo and Jamie Tanna – National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo)

  3. Get out in front creating HWC Seattle events, publicize them better [2019-11-13, 2019-11-27]
  4. Register w/locality indieweb.seattle.wa.us
  5. Figure out where to post HWC 10-16 notes
  6. Start Project planchette [dev] – 1 page scope/goal document
  7. Start project TB phase 1 [craft]
  8. find archive of college files and restore first webpage
  9. 4 weekly reviews! (inspired by @theweeklyreview)

Teaser for tomorrow: GitHub actions!

#NovBaD #NaBloPoMo #1of30 #challenges