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  1. Verified this issue still exists for me. Published latest note without Brid.gy syndication to Twitter, updated post with checkbox ticked to syndicate, no action taken.

    EDIT: Well, it looks like I’m Mr. Impatient here. It just took a lot longer than I was expecting, approximately 7 minutes.

    I will monitor this on my next published posts to see what happens by trying the same technique. If results are good, I’ll close this out.

  2. @asuh Did you encounter the same problem again?

    @dshanske On my site, the behaviour of the syndication option seems curious:

    – I check the _Twitter via Bridgy_ checkbox.
    – I publish the post.
    – Next after the screen has reloaded, the checkbox appears unchecked again.
    – Nothing gets syndicated.

    I think I can exclude WP Cron from the range of possible causes (even though I am using a caching plugin) because there’s quite a lot of activity in wp-admin on my site.

    Appreciate any ideas on what to test, totally at the end of my wits at the moment.

  3. This is a good reminder, I had forgotten to follow up. I tried this again, having saved the post as a draft before publishing and syndicating to Twitter. It took about 2 minutes but I saw my syndicated tweet pointing back to my original post.

    I think my original issue is solved (or was just a case of a slow cron job) so I’m going to close this out.

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