snarfed/bridgy MIDDLE DOT in post url causes bridgy to fail to match

snarfed/bridgy (GitHub)

bridgy – Bridgy pulls comments and likes from social networks back to your web site. You can also use it to publish your posts to those networks.

Picked up a

U+00B7 : MIDDLE DOT {midpoint (in typography); Georgian comma; Greek middle dot (ano teleia)}

from using PressThis Reply bookmarklet in wordpress post title.

2018-07-17 01:07:04.077080 I Giving up this target. {'body_json': {u'message': u'Cannot find target link', u'code': u'...', u'data': {u'status': 400, u'data': {u'comment_date': u'2018-07-16 18:07:02', u'comment_approved': 0, u'target': u'\xb7-issue-28-\xb7-snarfed-bridgy-fed/', u'comment_type': u'webmention', u'comment_date_gmt': u'2018-07-17 01:07:02', u'comment_meta': {u'webmention_target_url': u'\xb7-issue-28-\xb7-snarfed-bridgy-fed/', u'webmention_created_at': u'2018-07-17 01:07:02', u'webmention_source_url': u''}, u'comment_author_IP': u'', u'source': u'', u'comment_agent': u'Bridgy ( AppEngine-Google; (+; appid: s~brid-gy)', u'comment_author_url': u'', u'comment_post_ID': 1881, u'comment_parent': u'', u'comment_author_email': u''}}}, 'code': '...', 'request': u'POST (with source=, target=', 'http_status': 400}

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  1. whee, Unicode!

    that 400 error is from your web server (looks like WordPress?). the url with the `x`es is a logging artifact, purely internal to bridgy. i think it’s correctly sending the %-encoded url as the webmention target (search that error json for “target.”)

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