IndieWebCamp Oxford by an author

This weekend, I attended part of Oxford’s first ever IndieWebCamp! As a long (long, long) time proponent of IndieWeb philosophy (since long before anybody said “IndieWeb”, at least) I’ve got my personal web presence pretty-well sorted out. Still, I loved the idea of attending and pushing som…

Wassup – Homebrew Website Club – Seattle Area – September 19th


  • going to Strange Loop, any indiewebers?
  • Next month inktober/octobit [pixel art]
    • Was manually PESOS’ing to many places
    • Summary post and end of month
    • Experiment with Note kind posts this year for original with pixel art on website
    • #29 Sleep (2016)
  • Command line tool to add note posts to static site.
  • how/why of it(link to post about generation)
  • gh-pages, dat


  • static site generator
  • git -> webhook -> diff of changes to send it out
  • scrapped aws.lambda, now nodejs in docker
  • up and running and powered by telegram (texting app)
  • micropub endpoint (bare bones, supports Quill)
  • text posts through Quill working
  • * working on Photo posts (instagram style)
  • * was hoping for working by Sounders game tonight
  • markdown
  • runs using memfs, isomorphic git


      • next Seattle HWC reserved 2018-10-17
      • – network monitoring indieweb style
      • fed.brigy – not working yet
      • non representivie h-card


      • running everyone from machine in home
      • static site generator, loop in bash
dougbeal/ by Douglas BealDouglas Beal (GitHub)

https indieweb wordpress docker install for at linode – dougbeal/

I thought I had this fixed… maybe a change in plugins?

Almost there!
A h-card was found on your site, but it’s not marked up as the representative h-card!

Add a u-url property which matches a rel=me link on the same page so this h-card can be identified as the h-card which represents the page.