10:46 [dgold wonders if snarfed has seen this:
10:47 *** [kevinmarks] QUIT Quit: went away
10:48 the person doing the vienna rss reader says that
using the openreader API format has allowed them to
acces:B azQux.com, FeedHQ.org, InoReader.com and


Clean up code entry?

14:35 <snarfed> also re issue tracker discovery, i’m not sure
there’s a need for discovery like that. the usual
flow is that a user is on an issue page and wants
to reply, or is on the repo page and wants to
create an issue. in both cases, they just reply
like normal
14:35 <snarfed> https://brid.gy/about#github-issue-comment
14:35 <dougbeal> snarfed: I think I got sidetracked by ekster
14:35 <snarfed> ah
14:36 <dougbeal> That will be my next step, I think
14:38 <dougbeal> I was thinking it tracker discovery would be great
a way to close the loop – you are on a indieweb
enabled webpage, notice a bug, pop open omnibear
and file an issue
14:39 <aaronpk> interesting idea!
14:39 <aaronpk> I already usually have a visible link to the issues
page on the footer of my projects
14:40 <[cleverdevil]> Oooh, that is cool πŸ™‚
14:40 <[cleverdevil]> For any website that already has a "fork me
on github" link, you could just sprinkle on a
documented microformat.
14:40 <snarfed> sniffing meta name=generator might be a start
14:42 <dougbeal> [cleverdevil]: oooh, a repository pointer as well,
for projects not at github.
14:42 <dougbeal> indiehub!
14:46 <dougbeal> Is there any popular issue tracker other than
14:46 <[cleverdevil]> GitLab.
14:46 <aaronpk> Gogs, Gitea
14:46 <[cleverdevil]> Yup.
14:46 <aaronpk> bugzilla
14:47 <dougbeal> What is a source repository
14:47 <Loqi> It looks like we don’t have a page for "source
repository" yet. Would you like to create it?
https://indieweb.org/s/11Dk (Or just say "source
repository is ____", a sentence describing the term)
14:49 <dougbeal> What is Hg
14:49 <Loqi> It looks like we don’t have a page for "Hg" yet. Would
you like to create it? https://indieweb.org/s/11Dm (Or
just say "Hg is ____", a sentence describing the term)
14:49 <dougbeal> What is mercurial
14:49 <Loqi> Versioning is the practice of keeping previous
versions of a post or other item available (possibly
through a record of edits, AKA edit history)
14:51 <dougbeal> Is there a github equivalent for Mercurial?
14:52 <[cleverdevil]> Bitbucket does Mercurial
14:52 <[cleverdevil]> Though they’ve almost 100% pivoted to Git.
14:55 <dougbeal> What is Source Code Hosting
14:55 <Loqi> It looks like we don’t have a page for "Source Code
Hosting" yet. Would you like to create it?
https://indieweb.org/s/11Dn (Or just say "Source Code
Hosting is ____", a sentence describing the term)
14:56 <dougbeal> Should that be a top level topic?
14:56 <dougbeal> or would it be Source Code Silo?
14:57 <aaronpk> https://indieweb.org/code
14:59 *** [manton] QUIT Quit: Slack user timed out