Introducing Baffle by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett ( A while back, I wrote up a design for bridging Microsub clients to traditional feed reader backends. Fast forward to a few weeks ago: I hacked together a bare bones prototype...
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Ryan Barrett ( by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett (Mastodon for Tech Folks)
Interesting unintended consequence of federation: when you post a link, >1k mastodon nodes all fetch it at the same time to render a link preview, which results in a small DDoS.
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Indieweb Summit 2018 Thoughts by Tom Tom (HeresTomWithTheWeather)
There seemed to be a theme of inclusivity at Indieweb Summit 2018. The session How can we encourage diversity on the Indieweb? was very helpul. It was noted that for tech event attendance, it’s good to have a wingman so try to bring someone who otherwise might not attend on their own. Although har...